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Through TRE, I was able to give my body permission to release my repressed emotions which I held in my physical body. I was able to reconnect with my body and as a result, I am becoming more inwardly attuned. It has been a great tool and practice for me to release stress, anxiety and trauma."

Carolyn Pao

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

I found TRE to be a surprisingly effective method for relieving stress in my work and daily life. Even with just one session, I was able to access tremoring and release bodily tension. Being able to train the body and mind like this is a powerful way to increase awareness, support health and wellness, and deepen spiritual energy. Sarah is a knowledgeable, patient, and a supportive practitioner who is committed to this important work. I recommend trying this out and exploring its many potential benefits.

Darin Harris, Co-Founder at Living Giving Enterprises

TRE was a new way for me to calm my nervous system. Sarah explained that we have been socially conditioned to pretend that all is fine and that we are unfazed by life's events and this traps the stress in our bodies. Sarah guided me through TRE. I went from a self-reported stress level of 7 to about 4 in our first session. The process was fairly simple. Sarah prepared me for the experience by having  me do exercises that were very similar to yoga poses you would know. These exercises mildly fatigued my body so that when it was time to experience the tremoring I was ready. Afterwards I felt a sense of calm. 

Libby Bestul, Certified Yoga Instructor

Rock Balancing
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