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  Frequently Asked Questions  

Who is TRE  for? 

TRE® is for anyone who is stressed, tense or traumatized. It's also for anyone suffering from PTSD and CPTSD. Though  everyone can tremor, tremoring isn't for everyone. You don't have to identify as traumatized to experience the benefits of TRE®.

How is it used today? 

TRE® started in the veteran community and has spread to the athletic arena as a tool for quicker recovery. Today, it is widely accepted as a self-care tool in wellness communities and is practiced in yoga studios around the world.

What are the benefits?

TRE® helps in reducing stress, anxiety, tension, chronic pain and aids in releasing trauma in the body. Over time, TRE® builds our resilience muscle by stretching and expanding the window of tolerance (the ideal state we want to live and operate from). When we have a wider window of tolerance, our reaction to triggers can be less severe, as the body is able to move through the nervous system states quicker, without getting "stuck" (fight/flight/freeze, etc.). TRE® is a great way to increase your mental fitness and improve your general wellbeing. 

What should I expect? 

A TRE® session usually lasts one hour. A session consists of a total of 7 exercises and stretches that release tight muscles (since tension inhibits tremoring). The exercises will also fatigue the muscles, so that the tremor mechanism can be accessed.  After a session, people tend to feel much more relaxed, calm, centered and focused. It can also make people feel tired, as it  known to help with improving sleep.

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