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Private Sessions


Intro Session

Start your journey with tremoring. Re-introduce shaking to your body through TRE®


Follow-up Session

Continue your journey with tremoring. Build upon your first session to continue to explore TRE®

Tingsha cymbals & old singing bowls   __

Private Bundle

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Private Bundle

Deepen your relationship to tremoring by understand your shaking patterns. 

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Private Bundle

Invest in your tremoring practice by mastering TRE®. Expand the shaking to all parts of the body.

Group classes


Group Session

Tremor in community. Be a part of a collective who is committed to becoming great co-regulators through TRE®.

Coming Soon


8 Week Program

Embark on a transformative 8-week program designed to transform you internally & externally


I found TRE® to be a surprisingly effective method for relieving stress in my work and daily life. Even with just one session, I was able to access tremoring and release bodily tension. Being able to train the body and mind like this is a powerful way to increase awareness, support health and wellness, and deepen spiritual energy. Sarah is a knowledgeable, patient, and a supportive practitioner who is committed to this important work. I recommend trying this out and exploring its many potential benefits.

Darin Harris, Co-Founder at Living Giving Enterprises

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