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Build a more resilient workplace through organizational regulation

  What is Organizational Regulation?  

Organizational regulation refers to the practice of employees and leaders taking responsibility for regulating their nervous systems in order to improve the functioning and resilience of the organization as a whole. This practice involves recognizing the impact that each individual's nervous system has on the organization's culture.
When employees and leaders regulate their nervous systems, they are better able to manage stress and other challenges, which can lead to increased productivity, better communication, and a more positive workplace culture. By building their resiliency muscle, individuals become more adaptable and are better able to respond to changing circumstances, which is particularly important in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

In regulated organizations, there is a focus on creating an environment where individuals feel physically and psychologically safe to express themselves and take risks, knowing that they will be supported by their colleagues and leaders. This type of culture promotes collaboration, innovation, and a sense of community, which can lead to improved performance and overall job satisfaction.


How we'll work together:

Step 1

Schedule an intro call and join the 3 month program

Step 2

Implement TRE® into leaders' & team's

weekly schedules

Step 3

Learn about the nervous system through Polyvagal Theory & more

Step 4

Become a psychologically safe & trauma-informed workplace

3 month Program



Community Classes

3rd session

6th session

9th session

12th session

1st session

*Self-lead sessions will be weaved throughout the 2nd half of the program

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